Working at Town Farm

Work at Town Farm

Thanks for your interest in working at Town Farm. We've hired our crew for this season. If you're interested in working in 2015, contact us again in December or January to see what jobs are available. Or come introduce yourselves to us at Tuesday Market!

At Town Farm, we hire two full-time employees each year for March through November. We also hire a part-time weeding/harvesting crew for mid-May through the end of August.

We seek workers with the following characteristics:cub

  • Desire and ability to work fast and hard under various adverse conditions
  • Good problem-solving skills and ability to think on your feet
  • Sense of humor and generous group spirit
  • Desire to learn
  • Ability to work in groups as well as alone
  • Interest in animals & children

All full-time workers are involved in almost every aspect of the farm operation, including:

  • Field prep
  • Greenhouse production
  • Planting
  • Crop cultivation
  • Harvesting
  • Washing and processing
  • Irrigation
  • Marketing and customer interaction
  • Machinery operation
  • Daily animal care for our goats and chickens (sometimes we have lambs and pigs)

In exchange for their labor, workers receive:watermelon

  • An hourly wage of $9 - $12/hour
  • Free produce
  • On-the-job training in a wide range of agricultural skills
  • Usage of workshop & tools
  • One week-long unpaid vacation during the main growing season April-September

We are now hiring for our 2014 season. We seek one worker who is relatively new to farming, and one worker with at least one full season of experience on a production-oriented farm. If you are interested in applying, please fill out this application and return it to us by email ( or mail.  We will not hire any applicants without meeting and working briefly with them. Two references from previous or current employers are required. (Please note: The online application is still current, even though it says 2012).

Experienced Position

 $10-12/hour, depending on experience (40-45hrs/week)

This position requires excellent skills in observation, organization, instruction, and communication. Applicants must show a familiarity with many aspects of crop production, from seeding to cultivation to harvest and processing. Applicants will ideally have experience with tractor operation and general familiarity with tools and machinery. Ability to follow directions and to think and act independently are equally important. We are looking for an applicant who is easy-going but not shy about telling people or plants what they need to do. Familiarity with spreadsheets is highly desirable. At least one full season on a production-oriented farm is required. Preference is given to applicants who can work through the winter and who are seeking multiple years of employment.

General Farm Crew

 $9/hour (40-45hrs/week)

The ability to work hard and to learn are more important than previous farm experience for these positions. Applicants should be in good physical shape and ready to spend week upon week performing repetitive tasks under variously adverse conditions (heat, rain, dust, pollen, cold, etc.). Applicants must be able to move & think very quickly, to lift 50lbs with ease, to follow directions, and to accept & learn from constructive criticism. Applicants will need to have shown in previous jobs consistency, reliability, and a good work ethic


Weeding Crew


 $9.00/hour (9hrs/week)


The weeding crew will work from 8-12:30 pm Monday and Thursday mornings, mid-May through the end of August. We are looking for people who are ready to work hard in all kinds of weather, who work well with a group, have a healthy amount of competition, and don't mind doing the same job for hours in a row. These other skills are also useful: attention to detail, a good amount of hustle, and fun to work with. We rely on people working with us to communicate well. Pay is $8.50/hr on the books with some extras in vegetables when available. Please email us if you're interested in being part of the weeding crew.





Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are full work days on the farm. Work hours are 7:00AM - 5:30PM, with numerous exceptions. Here are some of the exceptions:


  • Crew members work every-other Wednesday morning doing animal chores, watering greenhouse, and cleaning market crates (2 - 4 hours) April - September.

  • Crew members work 1 Saturday morning per month doing animal chores & watering greenhouse (approx. 2 hours).

  • We begin work at 6:00AM on Mondays & Tuesdays May - September and during periods of high heat

  • At least one crew member works until 7:30 or 8:00 every Tuesday, May through November

  • The crew works until 7:00PM one or two days per week during the planting season (May/June)

  • We begin work at 8:00AM in March/April and October/November



We do not provide housing to our workers, but our farm is located right in Northampton, where rentals are abundant.

All Town Farm Workers receive their own office (see below). Large workspace! Excellent ventilation!