This year's crew includes (click on the picture to enlarge):
Oona Coy

Oona Coy co-owns the farm with Ben. Watch her seed a flat of tomatoes with a baby on her shoulder and a four-year-old between her legs. Then watch her worry about how scrawny the tomato plants look. Then watch her fall asleep reading astrology books. Now watch as she takes a  bite of the tomato and claims she was never worried about it at all. (This all happened 4 years ago and is probably still true except the baby is 4. Now you can watch her stress about Facebook and dream about creating awesome habitat for beneficial insects and imagine the day when all the farmland along Venturers Field Rd becomes an amazing permaculture, medicinal herb and organic seed farm. Ha!)

Ben James

Ben James co-owns the farm with Oona. He is especially fond of the word plot.

Hana Nower

Hailing from a central NY dairy farming family, Hana came to us last year after working on lots of SCA trail crews in New Hampshire and elsewhere. When we met her, we knew we'd be lucky to get her help on our farm. When she's not getting dirt under her fingernails here, she hangs with her dog, her girlfriend Casey and horses living on other people's farms.

Andrew Byler

Andrew is such a sweet guy and a totally great question asker. A fairly recent Hampshire College grad, he can't imagine a summer where he's not working outside some amount of his time. Last year, he helped us out part-time, and this year he's fully in it, soaking up all the details. When he's not here, he moonlights as a Hampshire Writing Center intern helping students write the papers they can't bring themselves to write, or he hangs out in his Eastern Ave. hood just down the street (or the dike) from us.

Mia Valentini

Mia joined our crew a few years ago when we had some sudden departures mid-season. She'd been tending bar at Bistro Les Gras but was itching for something else. Farming fits her like a glove, and since then she's worked for us another season and then last year as a sub and the biker of the Tuesday Market sandwich boards (in case you saw her cruising around town on Tuesdays). This year, she's our part-time ringer for many jobs as she starts her own farm business based out of our farm. She's growing veggies for Jake's and other restaurants. She's also sings mean harmony and plays the mandolin in The Dire Honeys.