Friends Co-Conspirators Folks We Admire

Here in no particular order are links to some great people, businesses, ideas, things. . .

Valley Green Feast is a co-operatively run local foods delivery service that delivers throughout the Valley

Our friends grow beautiful vegetables at Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, MA and have great recipes on their site

Some farmers and inventors down the road from Ben's mother in New Paltz, NY that are changing the face of global agriculture

Our shareholder and friend, Sarah Buttenwieser's, blog of all things good and thoughtful

CISA, the organization that supports food and farmers in western Massachusetts in all kinds of ways

Our friends Emily and Arthur run FRESH New London, an amazing organization in New London, CT that helps increase the food security in their city in all kinds of ways

Our constantly inspiring friends that farm with horses at Natural Roots Farm in Conway, MA

Oona used to work at the Farm School in Athol, MA that has a visiting schools program and a year-long farmer training program for adults