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Strawberries are the best sort of guest. You look forward to them arriving all year. They show up. They are perfect. You take them out to meet all of your friends. You adorn them with whipped cream. You stay up with them into the wee hours of the morning making wonderful conversation (i.e. jam). And then, just when you realize you couldn't possibly have any more fun, they up and leave. Strawberries never overstay their welcome (unlike those oblivious yellow squash, who couldn't catch a hint if you spelled it out with harvest crates stacked twelve feet high, forming the words "Party's Over"). All of which is to say, the party is almost over, and next week's harvest will pale in comparison to the abundance of strawberries we'll have at market this Tuesday. So, please, by all means, drop by and say Hello to our wonderful guests.

smuncherremember this little smuncher?


Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.

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Hi Friends –strawberries

For the Coys and the Jameses of Northampton, farming is generally an affair that can be summed up with the phrase, Oh well, we'll try to do it better next year. But in rare occurrences the weather and luck and a smidge of know-how conspire to produce a crop about which we can say without hesitation, Dang, we could not have done that better. And this week – this week – we can say no more and no less about our strawberry crop than that it is perfect – delicious, beautiful, abundant – and we dearly want to share it with you.

So come on over to market tomorrow, where you'll find not only our strawberries, but also carrots, cucumbers, tons of greens, the last asparagus, and the first beets of the year.

We'll have strawberries available by the pint, quart, and flat. Flats are $52 for 8 quarts (a $12 value over the individual quart price). If you'd like to reserve a flat, you can email me here or text me at 413 262 5489. We're likely to have flats available next week, too, but no guarantees after that. (And in the past we've had seconds strawberries available, but not this year, or at least not yet.)

See you at market!

Check out this luna moth, spotted here on the farm by Silas.





Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.




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Hi Friends –

It's summertime, and this is how we know:

carrots & strawberries

carrots & strawberries at Town Farm

Now, if there remains any doubt about who runs this farm, and why we have such delicious produce to sell, and how our dear crew gets paid, let it here be made abundantly clear that Oona is the one who keeps this enterprise alive and kicking.

Last week, while she was busy working (and parenting), Silas and I took off on a multi-day, 70-mile bicycle journey along the Potomac River, steeping ourselves in Civil War history and the speeches of Abraham Lincoln.


Along the way we stopped for a visit with two expert farmers and all-around wondrous people – Chip & Susan Planck – who ran Wheatland Vegetable Farms for decades in Loudoun County, Virginia. I worked for Chip & Susan for a bunch of years, starting at age 17 when I stepped into their greenhouse (fresh from NYC) and, staring at all the plants, perplexed, said, You can tell a difference between them?

One great fact is that Nate and Jen (of Crimson & Clover Farm in Florence), and Jeremy Plotkin (of Simple Gifts Farm in Amherst), also started their farming careers at Wheatland, so the Pioneer Valley owes a mighty thanks to Chip & Susan for all the young people they've taught over the years!

Chip & Susan

gettysburg address

From Chip and Susan's we made our way to D.C. and the Lincoln Memorial. We felt small and great in that magnificent chamber. As Silas said when we stepped away from Lincoln and the words of the Second Inaugural: It's hard to leave.


So: carrots and strawberries and so much more at Tuesday Market tomorrow. Come on the early side for strawberries (though next week, we'll be swimming in them!).


Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.


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Hi Friends –

Our strawberry crop is coming along so beautifully that I just needed to show it to you all. It'll be a couple weeks before you can actually partake of the berries, but I thought I'd fill you in on what's to come. We're anticipating our biggest crop ever, and we'll be taking bulk orders this year for strawberry flats for canning & freezing. More details soon.


strawberriesTomorrow we'll be at market with awesome salad mix & arugula, succulent spinach, the first bok choi of the season, a whole bunch of other vegetables, and our ever-faithful shaved ice machine. It's looking to be a beautiful day. See you there!


Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.


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Hi Town Farmers –

Spring is finally in full swing. Our crew is cooking, the vegetables are growing like crazy, and last week's market was a total blast (check out the video here). We'll be there tomorrow with a full spread of earl-season abundance, from radishes and salad mix to turnips and wild nettles. Asparagus too! (But come on the early side if that's what you're after.) This week, Silas helped out with the pick:

asparagusFor those of you who don't know, our friend Alya runs the most awesome farm-based preschool right here at Town Farm. She has some openings for toddlers in the fall. You can find more info here.

OK, that's all. Hope to see you at market, but make sure to steer clear of the tough crowd!

Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.
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Hi Friends,

Here is one little corner of Town Farm, today, at about 3:30PM. Just look at everyone being so busy! (click on the image for a close-up)

one corner

And isn't it nice when Jimmy Szinal drives by? Resident mechanic for all farmers in the Northampton Meadows for who knows how many decades. And there I was, stopped on the side of the road with a blown hydraulic hose on the John Deere. What timing! Thanks, Jimmy.


See you all at market!


Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.


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Hello Town Farm friends!

Ferdie gets the first shaved ice of the season! Elijah loses a tooth! And radish bunches are sold to the good people of Northampton! It's spring at Town Farm, and we want to share it with you. Come say hello at Tuesday Market, where we have salad mix, arugula, kale, scallions, onions, shallots, spinach, ice pops, radishes, and more. See you there! 

shaved ice



Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.


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Dear Town Farm Friends –
Some springs the most exciting thing to happen is your radishes come up early. Other springs the most exciting thing is your truck gets stolen and your neighbor Ed finds it the next morning in the Meadows and you and your kid ride bikes out to get the truck but before driving it home your wife decides to call the police who inform her that they have a video of the truck being used in an attempted robbery of an ATM machine at an Amherst liquor store and you need to come into the station for fingerprints.
Some springs the most exciting thing to happen is the days get longer and your chickens start laying more eggs. Other springs the most exciting thing is your very decisive guard rooster makes a less-than-excellent decision and pounces on a toddler's face and there is blood everywhere and that night you kill the rooster and next morning inform not only your children but the whole school downstairs that  Culpepper is dead. And then Evan and all the kids write Culpepper a song.
Culpepper you were a fine bird
So we wrote you some kind words
Thank you for scaring away hawks
Thank you for scaring away dogs
There was one thing, one not-nice thing
When we got close you'd flap your wings
Yeah we didn't like that not-nice thing
When we got close you'd flap your wings
We miss you
Goodbye goodbye
We love you
Goodbye goodbye
We've had an interesting spring. We could tell so many stories! And I bet you, dear friend, have some stories of your own. Come say hi THIS TUESDAY and check out our radishes at Tuesday Market. And salad mix, kale, spinach, scallions, onions, arugula, and even a few more items we've managed to grow during this cold, wet April. And shaved ice and ice pops, of course.
Usually I wait until at least mid-season before thanking our crew for holding the entire farm together. This year the thanks need to go out early. We are so lucky to have Hana and Andrew and Mia back this year. Thanks guys! Oona even updated the crew page on our website in your honor. Here's Hana seeding while the snow was still on the ground.
Here's Silas' photo of a Northampton detective investigating mysterious shoe prints where our truck had been parked.
Here is our excellent Culpepper, who raced head-long at menacing dogs while every other creature on the farm ran the other direction, but who also provoked such text messages as the following: "Ur rooster just attacked my leg."
Here are some radishes. That first hit of red poking from the dirt in early spring is an exceptional thing.
Here is Mia spreading compost!
Here is Oona seeding.
Oona seeding
Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.
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Hey Everyone,

Come say hello & goodbye to your Town Farmers at the very last market of the 2013 season, where you'll find spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, beets, butternut squash, tat soi, bok choi, brussels sprouts, kale, collards, cabbage, onions, potatoes, and even the very last of the tomatoes! It's been a wonderful year, full of great food, good conversations, and incredibly hard work, especially on the part of our crew. Thanks once again to Adam, Hana & Andrew, and thanks to all of you for keeping on showing up and eating this stuff. Here are a few pictures stretching all the way back to the beginning of the year. I hope we see you at market this week, but if not, have a great winter!


asparagus wand
6 biter
ice pop

brussels sprouts

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Hey – Three more markets to go, which means three more opportunities to get our superb fall produce (we won't be selling at the winter market this year, so this really is it until April). Right now we have the best carrots and the best brussels sprouts we've ever grown, along with a whole crowd of other scrumptious veggies, and the last of the season's tomatoes. Come on by!

"I know where this picture's going," said Adele

2nd grade

Ms. Katz' 2nd-grade class from Jackson Street School visits Tuesday Market

TF kids

Our Town Farm gang, including Dominic, freshly turned 1, freshly walking