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Town Farm Steps Westward

Posted 6/4/2012 7:58pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hello Town Farm Friends & Shareholders –


Welcome to sungolds. So long to strawberries. It's been a good year, and we'll have a mess of them at market this week, but these cold rains are sending the berries off early this season, which I suppose is OK. If I were a berry, I wouldn't want to sit in a mudpuddle either. This whole business is just so fleeting. The peonies are gone. The asparagus is gone. But then there are all these other fruits & flowers stepping forward. Strawberries on their way out, but there's consolation, exhilaration in all the ripening that surrounds us. Do you know that Denise Levertov poem?

                        I fall
in season and now
is a time of ripening

Here's the whole poem – Stepping Westward – a favorite.

Silas and I placed the first poppy of the season on the memorial bike for Harry Delmolino, the young man killed riding his bike on Main Street last week. And here's another poppy today, doing its best to hold itself together in the rain.


This week marks our first CSA pick-up of the season. Every year we look forward to the return of friends we've seen only in passing all winter. So welcome back shareholders! (and welcome, of course, to new shareholders as well!) Pick-up is Friday from 2:00 - 7:00 PM. Please walk or bike when you can, and please don't feel guilty when you can't. Click here to see what we'll have in the share room this week. We'll send you an email with more logistical details on Thursday.

And here's what we'll have this week at Tuesday Market:

STRAWBERRIES!  (most likely the last of the season)



CUCUMBERS (the last from the high tunnel – field cucumbers will be available in a couple weeks)

BOK CHOI (here's a great recipe from the market)

HEAD LETTUCE (have you ever seen such heads as we had at market last week?)




BABY KALE (last time for this until the fall)







OK, don't forget about the Strawberry Dessert Party at market. It's not too late to make a dessert. It's definitely not to late to eat a dessert. In addition to the fun and the deliciousness, it's for a truly awesome purpose: funding the market's FoodStampsX2 program.

See you at market! See you at the farm! See you somewhere!

Town Farm Sky

(Here's the sky over our neighborhood last week.)