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Town Farm is in the Neighborhood

Posted 8/26/2013 10:29am by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Friends –

Every week at market we get ten-or-so people asking where our tomatoes were grown, or if these are "native" cantaloupe, or that sort of thing, and it's always with huge pride that I get to respond, "Everything at this stand was grown right here in Northampton, just a quarter-mile away." I'll point in the direction of Holyoke Street and say, "Just over there," and though I don't usually have time to describe it, what I'm picturing is not just the fields and buildings of the farm, but how well these are all situated into one of the best neighborhoods you can find anywhere. What makes our neighborhood so great? Well, thepeopleand the


of course, and thanks to Claudia for so elegantly reminding us of this fact. Witness Mac weeding tomatoes in his bountiful garden, while the hens cluck their way around the coop that Darin built for Claudia in his driveway while the boys and I stopped by on our bikes to say hello to Stella before she made her way down the Town Farm gravel road to Farm Hands School, perhaps stopping a moment to watch Jim & Dora's cat Ophie prowling the weeds for a morsel of a mouse. And here's Ed, come in his white truck to report the goings-on in the Meadows, where he sat reading the paper this morning, next to the field he grew up working on, and where we now grow such tomatoes as this one, which you can come pick up this week at Tuesday Market, if you think you can handle it.

Striped GermanYes, tomatoes are at their peak, but luckily they'll still be around for a good several weeks, unlike our heart-breakingly delicious cantaloupes, which you can only get for this week and maybe next, so don't blow it. Also, fennel is back, arugula is back, salad mix is back. Good days at Town Farm.

See you at market!


(I am particularly proud of this geometry)