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Town Farm in Warp Speed

Posted 6/18/2012 3:51pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hello Town Farm Friends & Shareholders –


Here's the story of our early carrot patch:

In February, Mia tilled up the winter greens in the smaller of our two high tunnels. Oona seeded the carrots, and then we waited, and waited, and waited, wondering whether any would germinate at all. It took three weeks for the first slender green leaves to pop out of the ground, and many more weeks before it proved itself to be any kind of a crop worth keeping. We weeded them a couple times by hand. Then, in April, we pulled the greenhouse off the carrot patch and onto our adjacent, early strawberry patch, which we'd planted in September. Here's a picture of strawberriesthat (weeds and all). The strawberries were protected from the rains (which as we've seen can ruin a patch of berries very quickly), while the carrots did their thing out in the open air. Below is a picture of the carrots as they looked today (yes, weeds and all), right before the whole crew – plus Silas & Wiley – went out to harvest them. We don't often have the pleasure of Silas working with us, but he lost a tooth today, and while we were digging and sorting and bunching and packing, we all came to the agreement that Sials' aversion to farm labor must have fallen out along with that tooth. Click on the carrot picture to watch us all harvesting them in warp speed (or click here). And hey, we really do move that quickly. How else could we get it all done?carrots

We were so happy to have all the shareholders back at the farm last week! We were psyched to surprise you with PYO strawberries, and we were looking forward to offering them again. They'll be there this Friday, but no guarantees on quality, given the rains expected on Wednesday & Thursday. What we will have, however, is tons and tons of PYO sugarsnaps, an annual favorite! Click here to see what else we'll have in the share this week.


And for all you market-goers, here's what we'll have this Tuesday at Tuesday Market.

SUGARSNAP PEAS! (By the pint! Crisp, delicious, perfect. This is their moment.)

RIPE, RED TOMATOES (The very first of the season, from our high tunnel. Just a couple flats this week, but lots more coming.)

STRAWBERRIES!  (the last of the season)






CUCUMBERS (the last from the high tunnel – field cucumbers will be available in a couple weeks)

BOK CHOI (here's a great recipe from the market)


CARROTS (and now you know how they got there!)

BEETS (perfect, perfect beets)



BABY KALE (truly the last until the fall)






So come on over to market! We can't wait to see you there.

pea flower

CSA shed

picking strawberries