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Town Farm Gets Blue

Posted 5/7/2012 8:58pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hello Farm Towners,

Well the big news around here is Blue. After several years of raising dozens of goats, a few turkeys, six-or-so sheep, three pigs, nine ducks, one rooster, and who-knows-how-many hens, we've decided to finally let an animal come inside the house. Blue is our nine-week-old puppy. She's an Australian Shepherd and we are very fond of her, though Oona thinks I am a certified grade-A-fancy nutcase for even thinking of bringing home a baby (of any species) at this moment in our weedy and whiny lives. We will be raising Blue to be a loyal companion and a good farm dog, which at our farm means chasing rats and groundhogs and not chasing chickens. We are excited for the shareholders among you to meet her in June!



On the vegetable front, we are very excited about the cucumbers in our high tunnel. They are delicious, and the skins are so tender that even I – despite mycukes weird hang-up about cucumber skins – just chomp right into them. The vines have grown so fast they're already way taller than us, just a few weeks after transplanting them. We'll have about 50lbs at market this week, but come early if you want them. Last week they were almost gone before I even managed to take a picture. Don't worry, Oona's neutral expression in this photo has no relation to her good opinion about the cucumbers. She is merely thinking, What the %*@$ are you doing bringing a puppy into our house?

Here's what else we'll have at Tuesday Market:

Asparagus (make sure to come early)

Salad Mix

Baby Arugula

Lettuce Mix


Garlic Scallions

Tender and Delicious Kale

Collard Greens

Salad Turnips


Sorry to all you die-hards out there (most of you 5 yrs old and under), but we'll be skipping shaved ice this week. I figure since it's supposed to be as cold and wet as last week, and since I would not let my own children have shaved ice last week, and since I tried to talk the twelve kids who did get shaved ice out of doing so, that it's OK if we leave the rig at home at let the ice get just a little bit colder in the freezer, all in preparation for that glorious 85-degree Tuesday that's sure to come soon, right? Maybe when the first ripe strawberries are ready in a couple of weeks!

So here's a somewhat strange request: I'm looking to do a photo project about people & families cooking food from the farmers market in their own kitchens. If you're a regular market shopper and cook yummy meals featuring market ingredients and wouldn't mind if I came over and munched on the food while placing my camera disconcertingly close to your dinner, please let me know.

OK, have a wonderful week. Hope to see you at market!