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Things We Already Knew at Town Farm

Posted 9/24/2012 4:15pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.


Oona and I took a two-day, kid-free trip up to Vermont last week.  On the first day we napped all day and ate weird food.  On the second day, we went to two farmers markets, toured a farm, and took a hike.  It was a sort of vacation/retreat in which we took time to relax, talk, investigate, and begin to assess where our business is headed (or our two businesses, really, since we run both Town Farm & Tuesday Market).  I'll report more on all that in the next couple weeks, but for now, let me just say a few things that I suppose we already knew, but were confirmed on this trip:

  1. One day of napping is not enough
  2. We will not be propagating crickets as a meat-substitute in the near future
  3. Farmers markets are really wonderful affairs
  4. Our humble little Tuesday Market is a pretty great farmers market, with an incredibly high concentration of really good food.

Come get some for yourself this week.  An extraordinary array of fall greens. cauliflower Mighty heads of cauliflower.  Sly green beans.  Hakurei Turnips so proud, and carrots so pleased with themselves you can't help but cheer them along.  And lettuce, and tomatoes, and arugula, and – you know – lots more, too.

So see you at market.  See you at the farm.  See you crisply in this late September air!

P.S. We are done cranking shaved ice for the season. Wish us luck as we grease our right elbows and start conditioning for 2013!

P.P.S. Last chance to order a case of seconds tomatoes – this week and maybe next – for all you last-minute canners