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The Weather and Luck and a Smidge of Know-How at Town Farm

Posted 6/9/2014 3:36pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Friends –strawberries

For the Coys and the Jameses of Northampton, farming is generally an affair that can be summed up with the phrase, Oh well, we'll try to do it better next year. But in rare occurrences the weather and luck and a smidge of know-how conspire to produce a crop about which we can say without hesitation, Dang, we could not have done that better. And this week – this week – we can say no more and no less about our strawberry crop than that it is perfect – delicious, beautiful, abundant – and we dearly want to share it with you.

So come on over to market tomorrow, where you'll find not only our strawberries, but also carrots, cucumbers, tons of greens, the last asparagus, and the first beets of the year.

We'll have strawberries available by the pint, quart, and flat. Flats are $52 for 8 quarts (a $12 value over the individual quart price). If you'd like to reserve a flat, you can email me here or text me at 413 262 5489. We're likely to have flats available next week, too, but no guarantees after that. (And in the past we've had seconds strawberries available, but not this year, or at least not yet.)

See you at market!

Check out this luna moth, spotted here on the farm by Silas.





Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.