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The Ugly Little Fellows at Town Farm

Posted 1/11/2013 10:56am by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hello Friends –

Call us perfectionists. Call us obsessive-compulsives. Call us frustrated artists with too much/too little time on our hands. Call us vegetable fetishists (I know you were thinking it). However you want to explain it, the simple fact is that we cannot bear to make a market stand that is anything less than beautiful every week. And our winter stand – small as it is – has been especially satisying with its many & vibrant shades of green. (Salad mix. Spinach. 3 kinds of kale. Lettuce mix. All of it at the Northampton Winter Farmers Market this Saturday!)

But what do we do, then, with the ugly little fellows? Those squat, stumpy carrots and absurdly bulbuous sweet potatoes? Those beets with such ashen complexions that you'd think their pet turtle must just have been found squashed on the pavement?

Here's what we do: put them in 10lb bags and sell them at a discount. Carrots, beets, & sweet potatoes – all of them ugly and all of them delicious – all of them $10 bag, now through the end of the month. (I'll bring several bags of each, but if you're planning to stock up, let me know so I can bring more.)

Also, we've reached that time of the winter season when the good people of Northampton are so desperate for fresh greens that they come to market, buy three bags of salad mix, and scarf it all down in a corner before going on to buy their apple cider, cheese, and cuts of beef. Which is to say: come early if you want spinach or salad greens, though we expect to have kale, carrots, garlic, shallots, and winter radishes all the way until 2:00.

Hope you've escaped the winter bugs going around! Hope to see you at market! No new pictures this week, so here's some summertime for later.

Silas with bouquet