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Strawberries! Sungolds! Cilantro!

Posted 5/28/2012 9:29pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Farm Towners –

LucyThis will not be an elaborate newsletter, because the only thing I really need to tell you about is the strawberries. All of the strawberries. The stacks & stacks of beautifuljuicysweet quarts we'll have at market this Tuesday. And here's shareholder Lucy last year showing us exactly what to do with one of those perfect strawberries.

Check out these recipes for Spinach, Strawberry, and Maple-Nut Salad and Simple Strawberry Jam, which are also available on cardstock at the market.

Some years we have flats of strawberries available wholesale for all of you jam-makers and berry-freezers, and some years we don't. This is an exceptional strawberry season, and we are happy to say we'll have flats available at market (8 quarts for $45). Please email, call, or text us if you would like us to hold one or more flats for you. 413 262 5489. We'll probably have flats available next week as well, but no guarantees. We could probably also arrange to have you pick up a flat or two on Friday, at least for a few of you.

Hey 2012 shareholders, our first pick-up is Friday, June 8th. We can't wait! Lots more details will be in next week's newsletter. Come to market this week, remind us that you're a shareholder, and we'll give you a beautiful head of lettuce, a wee-tiny portion of the bounty that is to come (plus your 10% discount on anything else, of course).

Here's what we'll have at market this week:


ASPARAGUS (last of the season, come early)

SUNGOLD CHERRY TOMATOES! (yes, the real thing, from our high tunnel)




HEAD LETTUCE (gorgeous & plentiful)

CARROTS (so good!)

BEETS (real ones, not just the little babies like last week, though we'll have those too)







RADISHES (lots & lots – this is their moment)




Our SALAD MIX is done for the spring and summer. We'll have it again in the fall. Lots of great salad greens (arugula, lettuce, spinach) are still available, but if you're jonesing for a ready-made salad mix, it doesn't get better than what they grow over at Old Friends Farm.

Here's the ad-hoc recipe for the Raw Bok Choi Salad With Asian Dressing that Oona made tonight: Chop one head of bok choi into thin strips. Add a couple teaspoons of brown rice vinegar, a couple teaspoons of tamari, a half-teaspoon of toasted sesame oil, a couple teaspons of a neutral oil, and sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds on top. Add chopped cilantro or scallions if you like. Simple, tender, flavorful. Utterly delicious.

Friends, please consider making a dessert for next week's Strawberry Dessert Party at Tuesday Market. Bring the dessert and a card with your recipe on it by 3:30 pm (or drop off earlier). The market will provide paper plates, forks, napkins, and whipped cream. Dessert will be served for donations of $4-6 that will go directly to the FoodStampsX2 program at Tuesday Market. More details can be found in the Tuesday Market newsletter. Let us know if you have any questions or want to tall us what you plan to bring.

See you soon!

Shaved Ice