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Spreadsheets and Kale Fixes from Town Farm

Posted 3/1/2013 11:09am by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Friends –kale tunnel

When you read poetry with your wife until 11:30PM and then your 3-year-old kid throws up while you're taking him to pee and the next morning your older son is jealous because the little guy threw up and does not have to go to school (where the little guy in fact wishes very much he was able to go) – if all this happens to you – then I recommend taking a break in a long, warm, muddy, sunny, wet tunnel full of white-russian kale. I got my fix this morning. It's the sweetest, most tender kale I've ever eaten by far. We'll have it at market (the Northampton Winter Farmers market, that is), along with many pounds of our incredible salad mix and spinach. Come early for the kale.

Hey, look what arrived on our porch this morning: an entire season's worth of vegetables in two boxes – enough to feed several hundred people weekly! (OK, so we have a bit of work to do before they are ready.) If you see Oona on the street looking dazed or if she growls at you or something, it's merely because you are neither a spreadsheet nor a seed order. You don't even have any yield-data attached to you! Don't take it personally, she'll be over it in a couple weeks, once she finally gets her hands in the dirt.

Everyone says Wiley takes after Oona, and look: they're right! While I was writing this newsletter, Wiley was making a spreadsheet of his own.

wiley's spreadsheet

That's all. See you at market! Have a great week!