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Oona is Right –– at Town Farm

Posted 4/29/2013 6:44pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Farm Towners,

The peach trees are blossoming and Oona is perplexed. Why am I making her peach blossomsstand still? Why must she hold the hakurei turnips just-so? Why am I fiddling around with my shutter-speed when there is so much work to do to get ready for market?

Well, she's right. No time at all. So here's the quick list of all the spring goodness we'll have at market, followed by some photos from a wonderful spring at Town Farm.

This Tuesday we'll have: eggs from our own truly free-roaming hens, radishes so big, so red, and so crunchy-sweet you'll think they're apples, salad turnips (one of our favorite vegetables–here's a recipe), arugula, salad mix, stinging nettles, 3 varieties of tender, delicious kale, collard greens, carrots (stored from last year but still delicious), leeks, and scallions. And we'll even have shaved ice if I can get my act together tonight.

Here's my mom, showing you the radishes–


And here's what happens when we don't clean under our deck for a few months: baby rabbits move into mason jars and decorate their new homes with corks (but from were oh where did the baby rabbit find the corks?)–

rabbit in mason jar

And here's Wiley on the levy with Filbo, the kid that he named himself–

wiley & filbo

5 kids at Town Farm–


Tomatoes in the high tunnel–tomatoes

 And this is Oona hiding in the car and reading the newspaper – alone. Her way of coping with the fact that there is always – always – something else to do on the farm. 

oona coping

OK, that's all. I hope you can come to market and say hello. We'd love to see you there


(And if you get a chance, stop by The Dirty Truth (after this Wednesday) and check out some of my large photographs, which will be hanging there for the whole month of May.)

Here's all the info for Tuesday Market.