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Not Wasting Our Time at Town Farm

Posted 6/3/2013 4:11pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

The farmer grows leafy greens and roots and sells them to the people of Northampton but the farmer notices that the people of Northampton gather in much longer lines when he puts ice in a cup and pours fruit syrup on top and calls it shaved ice.

Next the farmer is in NYC, where he notices the people of NYC are standing in long lines to get fancy popsicles, which they call ice pops. The farmer thinks, I'm not going to waste my time making popsicles, and then the farmer makes some popsicles. Out of strawberries. And they're good.


strawberry ice pop

(Also, beets are back. Strawberries are at their peak. Vast multitudes of cucumbers and asparagus. And the leaves and the roots, of course. At Tuesday Market, of course.)