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Late-April News from the Farm

Posted 4/18/2010 4:22pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.


lightning being bornGreetings from the farm. If you're wondering how we can find time to write to you when we should be planting your vegetables, well, you're right. There's no time at all! What with ground preparation, setting up new equipment, catching goat babies, planting perennials, managing the greenhouse, and getting Tuesday Market up & running, there just isn't an extra minute. As the soil warms, it's a constant race to keep seedlings moving out of the greenhouse so that we have the room to plant more in their place.

We have happily sold all of our shares for the season. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting the new shareholders in early June. We're extra-especially excited about new folks that live ribabiesght in the neighborhood, as well as some old friends of ours that are becoming part of the farm (if you're a farmer, the only way to reliably see your friends during the summer is to coax them to your farm with fresh vegetables).

April has been a whirlwind of a month. Hot weather, cold weather, goat babies being born, lots of seeds getting planted in the greenhouse and out in the fields. So far we have planted lettuce, spinach, various members of the brassica family (this means arugula, asian greens, turnips), carrots, beets, fennel, chard, peas and more. This week it's all about onions & potatoes. We've also been planting a new round of perennials (strawberries, raspberries, asparagus), renting new land, learning how to use all the new & supposedly time-saving equipment that Ben bought this winter (a new mechanical seeder made in Korea, a sprayer rig built by an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania, an awesome Perfecta Harrow). And exciting news- this month our assistant grower Laura and our new worker Olivia expertly caught the triplet goat kids born on Thursday while Ben was out buying Oona a birthday cake.

But the biggest news here on the farm is not goat babies or chard or anything like that -- it's that we finally have a real Town Farm website! If you're reading this on the site, well, Hello. There will continue to be more content as we have time – there's a whole recipe section and a crop readiness calendar that we haven't managed to set up yet. The whole thing's pretty cool, done through a company called Small Farm Central that makes user-friendly templates for farmers, to which we add our own formatting & content.

We've also been gearing up for our first Tuesday Market of the season on May 4th. Hours this season are 1:30-6:30pm. It's located between Thornes Marketplace and the Parking Garage. Shareholders always receive a 10% discount at our stand. If you haven't been to the market, it's just great, with tons of kids and good music and fabulous food. A great place to stop on your way home from work. For the first market, we'll be there with some goat babies. We also just made a Tuesday Market website, and we'll soon have a facebook page where you can get updates on the weekly musicians and events. We're excited to be accepting food stamps and WIC and senior coupons at the market for the first time this year! Please spread the word. It's taken a good bit of time and energy to make the food stamp thing happen. Now we need people to use their benefits at the market to make it worth it all around. 

So that's the news, and we better send this out now or there'll be something else to report. But first, these onion seedlings made Ben think of a spring haiku by Basho:

onion seedlings

In my new clothes

I feel so different – I must

look like someone else


And here's Wiley hanging out at the edge of the field while Laura, Olivia, and Oona plant the onions:



Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon, and to meeting plenty of new shareholders & neighbors & market regulars. Happy flowering trees to you all,


Ben, Oona, Silas, Wiley, Laura, and Olivia