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In Which Town Farm Finds Some Kale

Posted 3/8/2013 2:00pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Friends –

Imagine you've got a drawer full of cookies in your kitchen, but then you eat all the cookies. Oh well, that's OK, because – look! – you have a second drawer full of cookies! Dee-lish! (That was thinking ahead.) Oh, but now you are very sad. Now there are no more cookies, and you must tell this disappointing story to all of your friends.

Except! Oh my goodness! Look! Right next to those two empty drawers! Another drawer, and it's chock full of cookies!

This is how we felt at Town Farm this morning. Here we were uncovering the plastic & fabric from all of our picked-out kale tunnels, exposing the stalks to the late-winter snow and setting them up for a surge of early spring growth, when what do you know? We uncovered an entire bed – that's 300-feet – of beautiful, never-picked kale. Somehow we'd missed it all winter!

So instead of telling you this week that we're all out of kale, I get to write and say, Boatloads of kale! And spinach! And salad mix! Come and get it this Saturday at the Northampton Winter Farmers Market! You know it will taste good after all those cookies.

Now, those of you who truly know us know that we are maniacs about vacation. We go away practically every other week, right? The greenhouse regulates it own temperature. The chickens know how to milk the goat. The crew lets the salad mix self-wash while they go buy cookies from Deals & Steals. The farm is essentially self-sustaining! We're taking advantage of this fact to go away for a whole week (to Portland OR) right at the start of the spring season. This is because it's always VERY EASY to leave the farm and we NEVER WORRY about how things are going while we are relaxing with our children in another state.

So we won't be at market on Saturday the 16th – another reason to stock up on greens tomorrow.

Only one picture this week: this one of our goat Flash. Silas and I are training him to follow a lead. By the end of summer, if all goes well, he'll be pulling us in a cart around the neighborhood. Wiley, Helen, and Stella came along for the training sessionFlash.