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Cucumbers, Asparagus Wands,and Deadbeats on the Driveway at Town Farm

Posted 5/13/2013 12:23pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hey Everyone –giant asparagus

A sick day for Wiley means he gets to stay home, watch cartoons, leave his slippers on, and – from the deck – direct the workings of the farm with his giant asparagus wand. His latest spell is Cucumis Exorior! ("cucumber, appear!"), to which we can only say, "Sure." We'll have about 75lbs of very special cucumbers at market this week. Fine-skinned, crunchy-juicy, and dee-lish.  Come early if you want them, since – if they're as popular as they were last year – they won't last long. We'll also have some (slightly) less magical asparagus, a bunch of bunches of radishes, salad turnips, salad mix, arugula, green garlic, and the first fresh carrots of the season. Hope you can come!

Here's our winter kale in glorious flower –

flowering kale

And a couple deadbeats on our driveway. If you pass these guys on the roadside, keep your distance and make sure to hold your stuffies real tight–hoodlumsAnd those cucumbers I was talking about –