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Catching Up with Town Farm

Posted 6/24/2013 9:16pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Friends,

The question everyone asks is whether life is different for us without the CSA. More time? More space? More naps on the sofa while watching season 3 of Buffy at 10:30AM? Our answer is Yes, life is different – and more noticeably so as June makes its way into July. Of course the farm could swallow every single hour we'd wish to give it, but this year's crew is lean and awesome (just 2 full-timers!), and they get a ton of work done in a short amount of time. We even find ourselves "caught up" this week, "caught up" generally being a delusional state a farmer experiences right before passing out in a dry field with a squash plant in each hand. At least for the moment, however, we really do seem to be doing alright. If we have any complaints, they have to do with how much computer-time is required to run a farm (and a farmers market). There are days when I watch the crew in envy as they move from one clear task to another, while I sit bogged in emails and the rest.

The biggest difference this season is that we have a bit more energy to think about and to be with our boys, and I love this. Early summer highlights so far include bird sightings while hiking & canoeing (bald eagles, a loon, a yellow-bellied sapsucker) and reading The Penderwicks and Goblet of Fire by the pond.

The verdict is still out on whether we can keep the farm at this scale and make it (even close to) economically viable, but we consider it a worthy effort, and if we do size up again, our expansion will be accompanied by the knowledge that summer is a really nice time to hang out with our kids. For now, we are pleased to be building fertility in our fields (we've had close to 50% planted in cover crops this spring) and we are proud to be bringing some really great food to market.

We'll be there this Tuesday with tons of sugarsnaps, lots of broccoli, the first squash & zucchini, lots of tomatoes, the ever-popular and soon-to-be-gone high-tunnel cucumbers, and a vast array of other delicious produce.

It'll be hot enough for a Strawberry Ice Pop or a Red Currant Shaved Ice, too!

We'd really love to see you there.

(Sorry, my camera took a vacation this week)