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Another Week in Strawberry Land at Town Farm

Posted 6/10/2013 9:20pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hey, just a quick reminder from Strawberry Land:

Come to market! In the rain! Beets, carrots, first tomatoes of the season, scallions (which according to this article are hyper-nutritious compared to their more bulbuous counterparts), dandelion greens, and lots of other things I can't exactly remember right now. Asparagus. Cucumbers. Maybe even broccoli. And strawberries. Yes. Strawberries. Here's our favorite snack of the moment, the photo of which Silas convinced me to adorn with a certain smile. It's a rice cake, your nut-butter of choice, honey, and sliced strawberries. Very popular. Very delicious. Of course you can just put the berries in your mouth, too.strawberry smileAnd here are some very nice folks enjoying not only each other, but our new strawberry ice pops as well!

ice pops

And here's Adam leaving market with some empty strawberry flats last week.

strawberry flats

So swing (or maybe swim?) on on over to market and say Hello. And if we don't see you, have a great week!