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All Yours at Thanksgiving from Town Farm

Posted 11/12/2012 7:02pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hello Friends –

It's exciting times here on the farm as we plant next year's garlic and harvest the winter's roots – 700 lbs of carrots in about an hour today, and thousands more pounds still to come. And while we're saying goodbye to so many crops at this time of year, there is one vegetable whose moment is just getting started. The humble tatsoi, which goes almost unnoticed in salad mixes month after month, can be encouraged in October & November to grow into full, glorious heads. We've recieved emails praising the beauty of our tatsoi. At our market stand, customers buy the heads, claiming they're going to take them home to use as tat soitable decorations. We do agree they're beautiful, but this would be a terrible shame, because tatsoi is truly delicious. Toss it into soups. Stir-fry it like bok choi or spinach. Or, as Missy from Old Friends Farm suggests, use it as the crust of a quiche by placing the entire head in a buttered baking dish and pressing it flat, then pouring the quiche filling directly onto the leaves. Come find it this week at Tuesday Market. Let us know how you cooked it. We always want to hear new ideas. Find it next week, too, at our special Thanksgiving Market, which is also the last Tuesday Market of the season. What better way to enjoy Thanksgiving than by preparing food for friends and loved ones grown right here on this fertile Northampton soil.

Or, if Tuesdays aren't your thing, come find us this Saturday – and every Saturday through March – at the Northampton Winter Farmers Market, located on the ground floor of Thornes Marketplace, 9 to 2PM. We are so excited to be bringing our fresh winter produce – including salad mix, kale, bok choi, tatsoi, carrots, leeks, arugula, celery, broccoli, garlic, sweet potatoes, and more – to this lively, wonderful indoor market.

We can't wait to see you there!

planting garlic

Planting Garlic

baby kale

Baby Kale


And while you're thinking about yummy food and being thankful, we have one last plug for your support of the FoodStampsX2 program at Tuesday Market:


As we look toward Thanksgiving this year, we know we have many reasons for gratitude, not the least of which is the ease we feel about our ability to cook a beautiful, bountiful, locally sourced, healthy and delicious holiday meal. The last Tuesday Market helps us with this meal as it falls just two days before Thanksgiving.


We also appreciate on this Thanksgiving that, at Tuesday Market, we help many families receiving SNAP benefits (Food Stamps) have access to healthy, delicious local food by doubling the value of their SNAP benefits at our market every week. Over fifty individuals and families use and double their benefits every week at the market.


In order to double SNAP benefits, the market raises $300 per SNAP user for the whole market season. We have $2500 left in our $12,000 goal for this year—that’s enough to fund benefits this season and give us a cushion to start off again in 2013.


Can you help us make this Thanksgiving more easeful for someone else? Please give toward the wish of bounty—and healthy, local, beautiful food—for all.


And work on your pies this holiday, in anticipation of next year’s Tuesday Market Pie Contest!


You can bring your donations to the market tent over the next 2 weeks or mail it to us Tuesday Market, 1 Venturers Field Rd., Northampton, MA 01060. Tax-deductible donations should be made out to Federation of Mass. Farmers Markets and non-tax-deductible to Tuesday Market.


With gratitude and best wishes,


Oona Coy, Ben James, and Sarah Buttenwieser