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A Wee Note from Town Farm

Posted 7/16/2012 7:31pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Everyone,

Here's what'll be in the share this week, and listed below is everything we'll have at market.

JAPANESE EGGPLANT, CUBANELLE PEPPERS, RED RASPBERRIES! (not a lot – the last of the season), oodles of GREEN BEANS, FRESH SUMMER ONIONS, CUCUMBERS (crisp & juicy, here's a recipe for quickles), YELLOW SQUASH, ZUCCHINI, PATTY PAN (here's a great tandoori kabob recipe), ripe, red TOMATOES, SUNGOLD CHERRY TOMATOES, FRESH GARLIC BULBS, CILANTRO, DILL, PARSLEY, RED CABBAGE AND TENDERSWEET CABBAGE, HEAD LETTUCE, CARROTS (Here's how we got them), BEETS, KALE (here's a great recipe for Massaged Kale Salad), SWISS CHARD, SCALLIONS, and SHAVED ICE!

We'll see you at the farm. We'll see you at market. We'll see you somewhere!


onions & beets